The Feminist Homeschool.

Inventing the female canon, one grade at a time.

What is feminist homeschooling?

Feminist homeschooling is educating your children with the understanding that feminism is as much a lifestyle as it is a movement. It teaches that women and men are of equal value, neither being better or more worthy than the other.

Feminist homeschooling recognizes that history isn’t just about which great men fought which great wars. It is also about family life throughout the centuries. It is about women and their agency and how they have changed and what women today have earned from that change. It knows that history is written by the winners and that we have to dig a little deeper to get the full picture, a picture which shows us that women were always present and always contributing to change.

Feminist homeschooling recognizes that women have always been scientists and inventors and writers. Patriarchal law often prevented women from publishing or patenting or recieving any recognition for their work. We will recognize it here.

Our feminist homeschool will be heavily woman-centric. Not because men are not worth studying! Rather, it acts as a counterbalance to our male-centered culture. This is fair.

The history of economics and home economics are of equal value.  Women’s contributions to dietetics aren’t very different from men’s contributions to biochemistry. We value both.



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